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Currently, stores 2642 beers from 128 countries.

Since June 2001, 156152 beers were sent.

the beginnings

It was in 1997 that four Swiss guys sat in a dark pub and discussed life, the universe and everything that was related to the consumption of barley products.

Soon after, the first version of was online. Included were just a few Australian beers backed up by a .cgi script written by fellow partner in crime Peter.

We seem to have hit the nerve of the time however as despite it's rather minimalistic design and appearance has become rather popular. Peaking up to 1000 beers sent per day, we were featured in several newspapers and magazines like the Washington Post and the Swiss "Facts" magazine.

The idea of a virtual community seemed to work as our visitors were the ones that contributed most of the new beers making's collection one of the largest on the net.


We believe that qualifies for another superlative on the Internet:

Redesign with the longest time-to-market.

Soon after was up and running, the founder team got ambitious and wanted to make more out of it. So a redesign was planned in late 1998. The new site was not launched till June 2001. A development time of more than 2 years! Mainly due to many changes in the team and various travels of Glenn.

By the way: The design has not been changed ever since. All we do is reviewing and adding the beers suggested by fellow beer lovers.

linking is a non-profit organization with the philosophy to bring people together and enable sustainable growth of the internet. as a spin-off targets people interested in beers all over the world. While most of our visitors are from the United States, Europe also takes a signigicant share.

If you want to link to us, we suggest that you either link to the homepage,

or to the random beer generator at

These links will remain stable. We might change the name of all the other files, especially the different beers, so please don't link there.

the team

The new was created by the following people:

Andrea Weisskopf
Programming of Data Structure and Intelligence

Henryk Plötz
Administration Interface Programming

Jakob Furrer
Data Migration, Maintanance of Beer-Database

Lukas Blatter
Brainstorming and Testing

Glenn Oberholzer
Projectlead, Concept and HTML Frontend

Thomas Bader
Sysadmin Stuff

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Substantially participated in the whole project have

Peter H. Rüegg
Data Model, version 1 Programming

Simon Ramseier
The "Father" of the Project

Lukas Karrer
Data Modelling

Daniel Boos
Content, Concept

The "Beer King" Designer

Teo Brasacchio
Design Concept

Othmar and Roman
Keeping the lights on since 2008
Also moved beer to the new hardware plattform in 2016


This is supposed to be a fun place, and we enjoy getting drunk more than writing all this legal stuff. There are some rules, though, that you should be aware of before using

First of all, we are not responsible for what anyone does with this service. For instance, if you harrass someone using our server, we will tell the victim to go after you, not after us. Please be aware that we will assist victims of abuse that include this server as much as we can in tracking you down.

You may not use this service for any commercial activity. We have not created everything on here ourselves, but everything is copyrighted.

Privacy: Your privacy is very important to us. Your data will never be sold or otherwise given to anybody, nor will anybody except you and the recipient read your messages. The only exception is if you abuse this service as outlined above; in that case we will help the victims as much as we can to track you down. We analyze our access logs for statistical purposes. We can't, however, find out who wrote what when to whom. (Well, actually we could; but we don't and won't - we guarantee it.)

We can't guarantee the accuracy of the information available here. If you find an error, please send us a message and let us know.

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