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Add a beer

To add a beer, we need some information about it.

Please try to enter as much information as possible. Unless stated elsewise, you may leave fields empty, if you don't know them.
Note 1: Please be aware, that we won't add any beers without getting a picture of them.
Note 2: Do NOT copy pictures off the internet. Scan or photo a label and use that. We don't want any copyright problems!

beer details  
Name of the Beer (e.g. Feldschlösschen Original)
Name of the brewery (e.g. Feldschlösschen)
URL of the brewery (e.g.
Type of the Beer (e.g. Lager) If you're not sure about it, check the Wikipedia.
Year in which the beer was first brewed (e.g. 1664)
Country in which the beer was founded (e.g. Switzerland)
Amount of alcohol (in percents) of the beer (e.g. 6.5). If you don't know it, check this site.
Please choose the appropriate Image-File (in GIF or JPG-Format) from your Harddisk. (< 10MB)

additional information about the beer

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