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Feedback Page

frequently asked questions

To make our lives a bit easier, here are the answers to a few common questions:

Q: Where can I buy <insert beer brand> in <insert a city name>?
A: Sorry, we have no clue. Please try the brewery's official website.

Q: Can you give me some information about <insert beer brand>?
A: We have nothing to do with any brewery listed on our page and can not provide any
information about the products of a certain brewery or where they can be bought. We do not sell or trade real beers, beer labels or fan gadgets of any beer brand.

Q: There's a typo/wrong information about a beer on your page.
A: You're welcome to inform us about this. Please use the form below.

Q: Why don't you have <insert beer brand> listed on you site?
A: Our site grows with the submissions we get from people surfing the internet. If you would like to see a certain beer on our site, please fill out this form and allow us a few days to confirm your submission.

Q: Make $$$$ Fast!
A: Send your spam some other place (preferably up your a**). Here's the only way to make $$$$ fast that works (we've tried it): Hold down your Shift key. Locate the 4 key. Press the 4 key four times. Let go of the Shift key. You're welcome. :-)

Q: You guys rock/are great/have a great site!
A: Thanks a lot! We are glad that you enjoy it, and wish you many good beers in your life

Q: You're so retro! Can I contact you by anything else than with the form below?
A: We're proud to be retro. ;-) But yes, you can tweet us at @trash_net_beer

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